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Commonly Asked Questions


In my travels I have talked to many people curious about the care and maintenance of their hand painted glass and have had some unique questions that I thought some people may not feel comfortable asking us about, so in reading this link here are the answers to your questions. 


"How do I wash these glasses?"

The paint that I use reads on the label that it's "Top Rack Dishwasher Safe."  I cure the paint onto the glass by baking it onto the glass to give it better adhesion, but to keep a lasting design I recommend that you hand wash your glass with the soft side of the sponge and do not let it soak in extremely hot water.  Each glass comes with care instructions so that the recipient of your gift will know the best way to keep and enjoy their glass!


"Why should I pay so much for a cup?"

Sometimes I see this question on the face of a customer, so thank you for reading and giving me the opportunity to answer.  Honestly I would not even be offended if someone asked me this question because it is better to be given the opportunity to explain why.  What I do is not just produce cups.  I am an artist.  The value of my art is really in the eye of those who enjoy it, but I will tell you that there are people that pay millions to hang art on the wall where it will never be used.  The art I create is functional.  You hold it and spin it in your hands.  Easy to admire and show off to friends and family.  Most of my glasses are between the $20-$30 range which is perfect for an inexpensive gift for special occasions.  Also the personalization options for most glasses are FREE!  You can't get any better then that!  Other places to have a name or date added to your gift will charge an arm and a leg.  Creating something custom or personalized for your loved ones can at times bring out an overwhelming emotional response.  Art touches a special place in the heart that no other gifts can.  If you have been looking for the perfect gift you've come to the right place!


"Sometimes when you order something online it comes to you looking nothing like you thought."

Well if my customers ever say that my glass is nothing like they thought, it's only to say it looks so much better then the pictures!  Each glass is a unique hand painted gift and no two are exactly alike, but as the saying goes "Practice makes perfect" and with each project my paintings become better and my skill level increases so you are sure to enjoy what arrives in the mail! 


"How do you ship the glass?  What if it Breaks?"

A LOT of Bubble Wrap!  I use a lot of bubble wrap when shipping my glasses and I have never had a problem with glasses breaking since we started the website.  I have even shipped to Germany and Canada with no problems.  Rest assured that we take just as much care in wrapping your glass as I do painting it!  We will always go above and beyond to make sure that your deadline is met for gifting our gifts!


"Is there paint inside the glass?"

Don't worry, many people have asked me this question.  MANY PEOPLE!  But I assure you there is not paint inside that glass!  How I give the effect of having paint in the glass is by a process I call "Reverse Painting".  Normally an artist will start with the background and work toward the thing closest to them.  I start with what is closest to you and work my way back.


 In the sunflower glass I start by painting the middle of the flower and then the peddles and last I paint the green where the stem attaches.  Browse through my site and you will find many designs with "Reverse Painting".  It is something I just love to do and find the challenge of it very enjoyable!  Here are just a few examples where I use this technique.  Click on each photo to find out more about that product!


How do I have something made custom?

If you have a project in mind of something unique the easiest way to discuss your ideas is to call (315)908-6007 or email me with details at theWoodlandRoseGarden@outlook.com.  You can also have your custom projects created by simply uploading a photo with your purchase and adding any additional text that you need such as a custom name or phrase in the text box with your purchase.  We offer Portraits of people and pets and many of our products allow you to add a custom name or personalization to the product absolutely free of charge!  Here is an example of a pet portrait we've had done on a glass vase, a popular gift for those wanting to memorialize a pet and cherished friend.


 If you still have a question that was not answered by this page please use the text boxes below to send us your questions and we will answer as soon as possible.  Thank you and Happy Gifting!

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