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What is a Reverse Painted Glass?

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Hand painted glass is becoming more and more popular.  Friends love getting together at a winery to dip their feet and try something new.  Last month I taught my first wine glass paint and sip class and it was so much fun!  I loved seeing all the different unique designs that people came up with.  I have so many new ideas for my next class and can not wait to plan a date.  But with all the up and coming artists that are breaking into this new medium, what is it that sets my glass gifts apart from the rest?  The feature that you will love about your personally painted glass from The Woodland Rose Garden is that many of our designs include reverse painting.

If you have no idea what reverse painting is, I am sure you are not alone.  It is a name I came up with to describe how I am able to paint glass on the outside but make it look as though I had painted on the inside.  I paint backwards from the way we would think to paint.  What I want in the foreground of my painting I paint first and work my way back, and then I work my way forward again so that the outside of the glass also looks beautiful.  I pay attention to detail in every angle that you would look at the glass.  With my flower glasses I want to you find a butterfly in the bottom of the glass each time you refill your glass of wine.  

This feature sets our products apart.  You will love all the unique details and the care that is taken to make your special glass gift truly a work of art!  I love creating custom orders and am looking forward to hearing your personalized ideas for creating the perfect gift for family and friends.  Even more so I would like to make a special hand painted glass for you!  Treat yourself today and contact me so we can create a beautiful hand painted glass that is exactly what you want and love!


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