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The Lucky Branch Ranch

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I am very excited and proud to announce that our family are now officially first time home owners!  We signed all the paperwork on March 20, 2017, the first day of spring.  We have been very busy since then.  Making our house a home has become quite a task but we constantly are reminding ourselves that we have our whole lives to make our changes.  As you can probably guess from the name of our business "The Woodland Rose Garden" that we love the outdoors, connecting with nature and bring that love forth through our personalized gifts and art.  Most of our time and improvements have been outside making changes to the landscape, getting ready for the growing season, working on propagating and transplanting.  We named our property "The Lucky Branch Ranch", and every day I am coming to the realization that the name could not be more perfect!  We have discovered so many beautiful natural gifts this new home has to offer.  Excitedly I have been exploring our plants and eagerly looking up information in google searches to find out what plants are and looking for signs of old growth and dead berries to learn what we have here.  I have found raspberry bushes, massive amounts of black berries, concord grape vines, some type of apple trees, four blueberry bushes, beautiful white flowering Service berry Trees, and trails of wild strawberries.  For me this home is a dream come true!  We also have white and purple lilac bushes in our back yard which are just starting to bloom and are releasing the most wonderful fragrance as soon as you step out the door you can take in the delightful scent!  

I have been dreaming of owning our own fruit orchard, so if you look through the branches you can see where we have planted our baby fruit and nut trees.  We have Candy Crisp, Grand Gala, Double Delicious (a tree that produces Golden and Red Delicious Apples!), Fingerlakes Hardy Peaches and an Almond Tree.  They are babies now and need extreme care, but my dream is to bring them to maturity and to be able to share the gifts of our labor with the community in our annual Harvest Festivals!

Here you can see the blossoms of one of our blueberry bushes, getting ready to produce some delicious berries!  This is a favorite for my two sons.  They eat blueberries until they poop blue so this was a wonderful blessing our new home had to offer!

Here is one of our beautiful grape blossoms just starting to open up!  I have so many of these little suckers coming out of the ground so I am starting to transplant them and will create a fence for them to climb. 

Speaking of Grape Blossoms, I will be bringing my hand painted wine glasses to Thousand Islands Winery to their annual Grape Blossom Festival! It is such a fun event. They will have a live band, lots of great food, wonderful wines, a perfect view of the river and Thousand Islands Bridge, hay rides and alpacas for the kids and so many crafters to come see. I hope to see you there!

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