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Teacher, Secretary, Bus Driver, gifts for the people that take care of our children

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This year our little one started PreK and we have a big 2nd Grader.  We wanted to give them something special because they have been the best teachers and have done so well with our kids this year!  I also had a teacher contact me before Christmas wanting to gift her coworkers some special custom gifts.  She described to me what her coworkers were like and I got to work imagining the perfect wine glasses to paint.  I wanted to share these gifts with you in case you needed some ideas for Teachers Appreciation Day this year.  If you are stumped on what to get for Teacher Appreciation Day one of these custom hand painted personalized gifts would be fun to give.  Teachers Appreciation Day is on May 8

Because Teachers Can't Live on Apples Alone Hand Painted Wine Glass

Because Teachers Can't Live on Apples Alone.  I thought this glass came out perfect, I love the quote and it was perfect for our PreK Teacher.  

It Takes a Big Heart to Shape Little Minds Painted Wine Glass Teacher Gift

It Takes a Big Heart to Shape Little Minds.  This glass I designed for an teachers aid.  The role in the classroom an aid plays is so important and I thought this glass would be perfect because it does not highlight the position of Teacher but reinforces that their job of shaping minds is so important.

I'm a Math Teacher of Course I have Problems Hand Painted Custom Wine Glass

I'm a Math Teacher of Course I Have Problems.  This wine glass is perfect for a math teacher.  The base of the glass has little sample math problems and on the stem is the symbols pi and infinity.

I Teach Tiny Humans Teachers hand painted Wine Glass

I Teach Tiny Humans. What's Your Excuse?  This wine glass has a little bit of sass.  Personalize your gift with the custom name of the teacher on these hand painted wine glasses.

This Teacher Runs on Love Laughter and Really Good Wine Hand Painted Wine Glass

This Teacher Runs on Love Laughter and Really Good Wine.  We painted this glass for a teacher who is especially particular about her wine and is just the sweetest person you have ever met.  

Teach Love Inspire Hand Painted Wine Glass Teachers Gift

Teach Love Inspire.  This is the glass we designed for my son's second grade teacher.  She is such a fantastic person with a heart of gold and a personality that radiates love and inspired learning so we thought this would be the perfect gift for her.  

Secretary Wine Glass Gift

Organized, Messages, Resourceful, Security Checkpoint, Welcoming, Supportive.  These are all adjectives that describe the critical importance of our Secretary.  When choosing gifts for our teachers we can not forget how much we also appreciate the secretary that set up our teachers for success each day.

School Bus Hand Painted Ornament Bus Driver Gift

We can not forget our bus drivers, you know, the amazing individuals who choose the super stressful position of holding a bus load of children's lives in their hands, while listening to screaming children, braving through treacherous weather and defensively avoiding the dangers of other drivers who chose not to pay attention to the road.  The Bus Driver deserves our appreciation and here is a special gift we have created to grace the Christmas tree and for us to let those special individuals know they are appreciated.  

Custom gifts give that personal touch and make our sentiments just a little more meaningful.  I hope you contact us with your special ideas so that we can create together something truly special for those that you love and appreciate!


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