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Take a peek inside the "Butterfly Garden" hand painted wine glass

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Butterflies are one of natures treasures.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to catch one fanning out his wings and bathing in the sun.  I have noticed this year there have been quite a few yellow swallowtail butterflies coming through our yard and they let us walk right up to them.  The Monarch butterfly is a symbol of strength and endurance in the butterfly world.  Baffling to the laws of aerodynamics, these little guys take the monstrous trip from Mexico to Canada.  The blue morpho butterfly is so beautiful with it's iridescent wings.  Many believe it to be a spiritual presence. 

"Butterfly Garden" Hand Painted Wine Glass Collection set of 12

Start your own hand painted butterfly garden wine glass collection! You can order your glasses the way they are painted in the picture, or if you would like you can personalize each one with a custom name or date with no added charge to you!  Click on any of the photos to start shopping.  You can choose a collection or single glass.  Pictured above is the set of 12 collection featuring the Pink Butterfly, Orange Monarch Butterfly, Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly, Blue Morpho Butterfly.  Each of these butterflies rest in a Pink Hibiscus flower, fan out in a Sunflower and flutter in a Daisy.

"Butterfly Garden" Hand Painted Sunflower and Butterfly set of four Wine Glasses

Pictured above is our set of four Sunflower Butterfly Garden Wine Glasses.  Bright warm and inviting.  This collection is the perfect addition to your kitchen or bar. 

"Butterfly Garden" Hand Painted Hibiscus and Butterfly Wine Glasses set of 4

Here is our Hibiscus collection of Butterfly Garden Wine Glasses!  Tropical and fun, you will love sipping from these beautiful glasses.  Click on the photo to learn more about this collection!

"Butterfly Garden" Hand Painted Daisy with Butterfly Wine Glass set of four

Cute and delicate, you will love your set of Daisy Butterfly Garden Wine Glasses.  Each glass comes with a clear gift box so if you personalize your glasses you can keep the set together or gift them individually.  The simplicity of the daisies really makes those butterflies pop! 

"Butterfly Garden" Hand Painted Sunflower and Blue Butterfly Wine Glass

If you would rather build a collection yourself, here is a great start!  The Blue Butterfly resting in a beautiful Sunflower Wine Glass.

"Butterfly Garden" Hand Painted Hibiscus and Monarch Butterfly Wine Glasses

Click on this photo to learn more about our Hibiscus and Monarch Butterfly hand painted wine glass!

"Butterfly Garden" Hand Painted Daisy with Pink Butterfly Wine Glass

Simple and beautiful.  Each glass is so unique and fun.  Click on the photo to learn more about the Daisy and Pink Butterfly hand painted wine glass.

Start a collection of 6 hand painted beautiful butterfly and flower wine glasses!


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