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Pickin' Berries with the Chickens in the Rain

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In 2017 we purchased our first home that we affectionately call "Lucky Branch Ranch". On our little hobby farm we raise chickens, ducks, a cat, dog, couple strapping boys, fruit trees, berry bushes and a beautiful veggie garden. This past fall there were a couple of weeks where it would just not stop raining. Every morning my boots would squish as I made my way to the chicken coup. The poor gals would make their way into the yard and over to hide under the swing set slide, sheltering from the rain anywhere they could. They seemed dripping and miserable. I felt so bad for them and tried my best to keep their coop tidy and hang fresh herbs to cheer them up a little. I kept putting off picking my fall raspberry crop and finally one day I just decided it needed to be done in the rain or I would lose the berries. Well the chickens were encouraged by my lead and all decided to go for a stroll in the rain. As I picked the berries I couldn't help but smile when I heard the coos and squeals, clucks and chirps ringing through the air. You would be surprised at how many different sounds these birds make and I could tell they were happy. Happy that I was taking a moment to endure the endless rain with them, giving them that protective comfort and reassurance. I started singing the chorus "Picking Berries with the Chickens in the Rain!" as we plucked the berries off the bush. I felt so happy and blessed to be a part of making their day a little better and it made my day a little better. I decided that I wanted to write a song about it and that is where I got the idea. I hope that you like it. 


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