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National Poetry Month Celebration


Hello there!  Sorry I have not written very much as of late.  I have been keeping busy with my newest love, substitute teaching.  It's absolutely great.  I get to choose what days I wish to work each week.  I have five schools from which I receive calls from, so there is always somewhere that a teacher needs someone to fill in for the day.  I LOVE teaching, and I LOVE doing something different every day.  I like getting creative and entertaining and helping students.  It is pretty much a dream.  It works around my goals of Homestead living and The Woodland Rose Garden gifting.  So I wanted to take a minute to share with you a special poem I wrote the other day...

At the High School they are having a poetry contest to celebrate National Poetry Month.  There is a category for teachers so I thought I would give it a try.  Here is what I wrote, let me know what you think ;-) 

For the Love of Learning!

To learn is not just to absorb and retain

There is so much more a student can gain

Discovering value through practical use

The pathways in life and directions we choose

Numbers, patterns, shapes, calculation

Dictate a household as well as a nation

Reviewing the past, examining conflicts in ancient society

Let us learn from mistakes in the betterment of humanity

Living processes, testing theories, observations in nature

Influence us all, inexperienced and mature

Creative writing, public speaking, literature, language arts

Influence minds, communicate ideas, and inspire hearts

Education can't be simplified as a grade of a test

It's a lifelong experience to put it at best

Thanks for taking the time to read my poem and stopping over to my web store.  I hope you all have an inspired day and take a minute to celebrate National Poetry Month.  Get creative, write something to inspire, dream big, explore your inner self!  

Also if you have some teacher gifting to do, I have a large selection of teacher themed gifts to choose from!  Here is the newest teacher hand painted glass gift.

Teachers Can't live on Apples Alone


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