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Little Lucky the Cutest Kitten!

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Welcome the newest member to the Woodland Rose Garden Family!

This little fur baby has stolen our hearts!  From the moment we laid eyes on him and brought him into our home.  This itty bitty kitty has been a complete charm!  If every cat was as snuggley, smart, tolerant, and so easy to train like our little Lucky Kitten, Cats would be replacing Dogs as 'Man's Best Friend'.  

Lucky is a seven toed beauty and we want to keep his claws so that he will eventually be able to go out doors with us too.  I am hoping he will help me keep the little critters out of the veggie garden, but we won't let him out at least until next year.  

Lucky has been with us for three days now, and the most intense training has actually been with our 3 year old Jeremiah.  He loves Lucky so much we can barely pry him off of Lucky!  Every waking moment he is looking to pet, hold, tickle, poke and love on Lucky...which is nice, but is a little too much for Lucky.  I have spent a lot of time mediating their time together and officiating what activities they can do together so that Lucky will be comfortable and Jeremiah will be satisfied with his snuggle and play time with his new best buddy!  It stared with Lucky running at the sound of Jeremiah's voice, to now he rubs up against Jeremiah and is ready to play and get some pets :-)  This morning I also let Jeremiah give him a corner piece of some swiss cheese (a little bribery can't hurt either right?)  This bond between the kids and the cat, I feel, is extremely important and first impressions can make or break a relationship.  So it is very important to help guide the children through a healthy bond with this sweet little kitten <3 

Lucky kitten is funny, busy, and I am sure you will be seeing a lot more of him.  I will keep you updated with new pictures and video :-)  If you have a minute, click on the link to check out some of the pet portraits I do on glass, I would love to paint your pretty kitty <3 

Pet Portraits on a Wine Glass I just want to drink wine and pet my cat

I just want to drink wine and pet my cat hand painted glass


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