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Keeping Monarch Butterflies

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The story of the Monarch butterfly is so fascinating.  The transformation is truly miraculous from caterpillar to butterfly.  Also the journey between Canada and Mexico is just astonishing!  One generation of butterflies will make the Journey to Mexico from Canada and then it takes 3-4 generations of butterflies to complete the trip north back to Canada from Mexico.  The farthest ranging monarch butterfly recorded traveled 265 miles in one day!  Because of these incredible features paired with the beauty of the Monarch Butterfly, I do love to use them as a subject for many of my wine glass paintings.  

When we bought our first home last year it was important to me to make our property a welcoming gathering place for Monarch Butterflies.  I soon learned that this environment was already perfect for them with a field of wild flowers and milkweed flowers for the Monarch Butterflies to lay their eggs.  I started seeing Monarch Caterpillars munching around on the milkweed plants and grew eager to see them form their chrysalis and watch them transform in nature.  I saw one after another after another appear, grow big and fat, and then disappear.    I was not sure if they were getting eaten or if they just were very good at finding a secluded place where they could safely transform into a Monarch Butterfly.  One day I decided that I was going to collect a couple Monarch Caterpillars.  This way my family could all marvel at the wonder of this incredible transformation.  This is a project I wish to now make a yearly tradition because it was such a fantastic experience.  Here are some of the pictures from our adventure with Monarch Butterflies!

Hand painted Monarch butterfly wine glass gifts! 

Hummingbird Nectar Hand Painted Wine Glass

Hand Painted Daisy with Monarch Butterfly resting inside the flower

"Butterfly Garden" Hand Painted Wine Glass Collection set of 6


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