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Love Story Told Through Glass

A memory, declaration, a personal message conveyed on each hand painted gift. Look through the glass and discover a beautiful story. Precious moments materialized painting life on a cup half full. This week's Thoughtful Thursday I wanted to highlight this collection of glass that tells a little of Rachel's story. (Click on each [...]

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Wonder Woman Hand Painted Personalized Glass Inspiration

Personalized gifts are many times given at some of the best and most difficult times. To Freeze a memory in time or to bring someone comfort and extend Love. Each of the stories I hear is very important to me. There is something marvelous about having someone open up and share their [...]

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The Blue Butterfly

The Blue ButterflyStop for a moment and think to yourself 'How often have you seen a Blue Butterfly?' I know I have not seen too many myself. Well although coincidences happen in life and sometimes you can chalk things up to just chance...how many times can someone show their spirit through a symbol, [...]

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