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Grape Blossom Festival at Thousand Islands Winery

If you missed the Grape Blossom Festival this year, you better mark your calendar for next year!  We had a fantastic time!  The music was awesome, the people were so fun, and the scenery is just breathtaking!  I made sure to take some photos and video to share a little of our experience. Right at the [...]

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Dance Teacher Hand Painted Gift

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a teacher you hold dear to your heart, who has taken extra time to develop a beautiful talent her students lock inside, you have found your gift!  Hand painted, personalized gifts from the heart!  This one of a kind gift is the perfect way to give [...]

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Coyote Moon Vineyards Alpaca Fight

Never a dull moment! This past Saturday we went to Coyote Moon's "May Days Festival". It was quite an experience! This year was the first year they experienced rain, but the destructive force were those strong winds! My sister Ashley and I held on to the poles of our tent for [...]

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How to "Reverse Paint" our Sugar Skull Hand Painted Wine Glass Gift

We thought you might enjoy learning how we can pant inside the glass with out actually having any paint inside the glass!  This is the Sugar Skull design, click here to view the gift and order yours!Step 1: Make sure you have glass paint.  Paint all your text backwards to make it appear inside the [...]

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St. Gertrude's Day Patron Saint of Cats

March 17th is known as St. Patrick's Day, a day where all people are Irish and embrace the traditions of the Irish.  What most people don't know is that it is also St. Gertrude's Day, a time to show love, affection, and offer kindness to our feline friends!  St. Gertrude was known as the Patron [...]

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Hand Painted Glass Give Away!

Thank you for stopping in to see the new web store!  The Woodland Rose Garden needed a face lift!  You are going to love the new features and benefits of our new site that make it easier to shop for your favorite hand painted gifts!!  We encourage you to share the store with all your [...]

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The Lego Star Wars Wedding

The Lego Star Wars WeddingThe room lights dimmed as stage lights zeroed in on the center focus of everyone's attention in the room. As if fate was to determine their destiny, Jessica found herself gazing at her future husband. Commanding the attention of the entire room as his roll of "Mark" in the [...]

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The Batman Wedding

A wedding is a day to show your family and friends a window into the tight fitting friendship and fiery romance that is boiling over into a life long journey. Although the details are not what make or break your wedding day, they are the little reminders, a token to cherish and can be [...]

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Love Story Told Through Glass

A memory, declaration, a personal message conveyed on each hand painted gift. Look through the glass and discover a beautiful story. Precious moments materialized painting life on a cup half full. This week's Thoughtful Thursday I wanted to highlight this collection of glass that tells a little of Rachel's story. (Click on each [...]

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Wonder Woman Hand Painted Personalized Glass Inspiration

Personalized gifts are many times given at some of the best and most difficult times. To Freeze a memory in time or to bring someone comfort and extend Love. Each of the stories I hear is very important to me. There is something marvelous about having someone open up and share their [...]

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