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Rock Island Lighthouse

The wealth of information contained in this blog about Rock Island Lighthouse came right from the Rock Island Lighthouse WebsiteYou can browse Rock Island Hand Painted Wine Glasses on our website, or if you are in the Thousand Islands area, you can shop the entire collection of Lighthouse and Bridge Hand Painted Wine Glasses at [...]

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Take a peek inside the "Butterfly Garden" hand painted wine glass

Butterflies are one of natures treasures.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to catch one fanning out his wings and bathing in the sun.  I have noticed this year there have been quite a few yellow swallowtail butterflies coming through our yard and they let us walk right up to them.  The Monarch butterfly is a [...]

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Personalized Gift for Teachers

The school year is coming to a close.  Your child's teacher's tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed and you are aware that he or she is overly deserving of something special.  Summer vacation is coming soon and what better way to celebrate then with a unique custom painted wine glass!  Written on the Glass it says [...]

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The Lucky Branch Ranch

I am very excited and proud to announce that our family are now officially first time home owners!  We signed all the paperwork on March 20, 2017, the first day of spring.  We have been very busy since then.  Making our house a home has become quite a task but we constantly are reminding ourselves [...]

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Shoud you get a Valentine’s Day gift from your cat?

Well our answer to that is 100% YES!!  Valentine's day is a holiday where we celebrate showing the people and fur babies we love how much we truly care!  Parents help their children to pick out a wonderful gift for their Moms and Dads.  We think that Fur Mommies and Daddies should also help their [...]

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What is a Reverse Painted Glass?

Hand painted glass is becoming more and more popular.  Friends love getting together at a winery to dip their feet and try something new.  Last month I taught my first wine glass paint and sip class and it was so much fun!  I loved seeing all the different unique designs that people came up with.  [...]

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Wine Glass Paint and Sip at Northern Flow Vineyards

I taught my first wine glass paint and sip class. Northern Flow knows how to throw a great event! Tasty appetizers, delicious wine, great friends and fun! I got to see these talented people break free from the norm and show their creative side with beautifully painted glass! :-)  We really had so [...]

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Mexican Sugar Skull and Day of the Dead Tradition

History of Day of the Dead ~ Día de los Muertos Day of the Dead is an interesting holiday celebrated in central and southern Mexico during the chilly days of November 1 & 2. Even though this coincides with the Catholic holiday called All Soul's & All Saint’s Day, the indigenous people have combined this [...]

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Mohawk Valley Wine Festival 2016

Today I got to take part in Utica, New York's very first grape stomp festival at Mohawk Valley Winery.  This was really the most fun wine tasting event I have ever attended and I have been to quite a few.  The level of competitiveness was so exciting to watch, and the costumes were so creative [...]

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Protect Dogs in Hot Cars this Summer

The last thing you want to see on a hot day is a dog trapped in someone's car. The suffering of precious pets is unbearable to witness, but what can we do? It is important to learn your states laws. We should all play a role as guardians of our furry friends!Here [...]

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