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Peacock Hand Painted Wine Glass

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Most of the time my best inspiration comes from an order that has been placed, but this particular wine glass I really was just doodling on glass for fun when I designed it.  

Peacock hand painted wine glass

It has been one of my favorites and I wanted to share it with you.  I created it on a stemless wine glass but if you prefer a stemmed wine glass I would gladly paint one special for you the way you like.  

peacock hand painted wine glass

Each picture shows a different angle of the peacock painted wine glass.  I know you will love this hand painted peacock wine glass so click on one of the pictures to purchase yours today!

Peacock hand painted wine glassThank you for shopping hand painted wine glasses at The Woodland Rose Garden.  Thank you for your visit to the website and I hope you found everything you were looking for.  If you want to create something custom please call or email me with your hand painted glass gift ideas!

Pickin' Berries with the Chickens in the Rain

In 2017 we purchased our first home that we affectionately call "Lucky Branch Ranch". On our little hobby farm we raise chickens, ducks, a cat, dog, couple strapping boys, fruit trees, berry bushes and a beautiful veggie garden. This past fall there were a couple of weeks where it would just not stop [...]

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Keeping Monarch Butterflies

The story of the Monarch butterfly is so fascinating.  The transformation is truly miraculous from caterpillar to butterfly.  Also the journey between Canada and Mexico is just astonishing!  One generation of butterflies will make the Journey to Mexico from Canada and then it takes 3-4 generations of butterflies to complete the trip north back to [...]

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National Poetry Month Celebration

Hello there!  Sorry I have not written very much as of late.  I have been keeping busy with my newest love, substitute teaching.  It's absolutely great.  I get to choose what days I wish to work each week.  I have five schools from which I receive calls from, so there is always somewhere that a [...]

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Host a Paint and Sip Party!

Looking for something to spice up your party planning?  Have a birthday coming up?  Want to get your coworkers together?  Girls night is needed?  Make it a night to remember and host a paint and sip party.  I bring all the materials, tips and tricks, and you provide the wine.Get creative, go off the beaten [...]

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Happily Ever Savings!

If you are looking for the perfect Valentines Day Gift we have a solution for you.  Create heartfelt sentiments with a custom hand painted gift!  We have chosen one of our most beautiful designs for this Valentine season to share with you an additional $10 off!  Popping the question?  This is a beautiful way to [...]

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Teacher, Secretary, Bus Driver, gifts for the people that take care of our children

This year our little one started PreK and we have a big 2nd Grader.  We wanted to give them something special because they have been the best teachers and have done so well with our kids this year!  I also had a teacher contact me before Christmas wanting to gift her coworkers some special custom [...]

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Thousand Islands Hand Painted Lighthouse Collection

A lighthouse is a metaphor for life.  Guiding us past the rough patches and seeing us through.  A lighthouse gives us the courage to move forward, removing any doubt in the truth that we will be able to press on and make it past challenges and weather the storm, the fogginess we sometimes feel stuck [...]

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Kitten Plays Twister with the Kids!

Lucky Kitten has been such a fun addition to the family!  Our two little ones wanted to play Twister, well don't leave Lucky kitten out of the game!  Lucky kitten found his place in the game as the spin master and had the kids in a pile on the floor!  Go little Lucky Kitten!Browse our [...]

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Little Lucky the Cutest Kitten!

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