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Thousand Islands Hand Painted Lighthouse Collection

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A lighthouse is a metaphor for life.  Guiding us past the rough patches and seeing us through.  A lighthouse gives us the courage to move forward, removing any doubt in the truth that we will be able to press on and make it past challenges and weather the storm, the fogginess we sometimes feel stuck in, and the rocky areas that make us feel we might bottom out.  Our lighthouse can be a special moment in time that we grasp onto, a friend to reach out to, or just our passion for life and fulfilling our dreams.  A lighthouse can mean so many different things to so many people.  A lighthouse is a thing of beauty cherished by many.

Set of Six Hand Painted Thousand Island Lighthouse Collection

Thousand Islands Lighthouse Collection

Rich with history and beautiful stories behind them, the Lighthouses of the St. Lawrence River are a gem that brings nautical magic to the region.  We love to view them, learn about them and take in the majestic wonder that surrounds a lighthouse.  The sunsets that accompany them, the shimmery reflections off the water that dance along side them, and just simply put, we just love lighthouses on the river.  

Crossover Island Lighthouse Hand Painted Wine Glass

Crossover Island Lighthouse

Each hand painted lighthouse wine glass in this collection of lighthouses feature the lighthouse on one side of the glass, and then tucked away inside the glass in the name of the lighthouse and the year that it was Built.

Tibbetts Point Lighthouse Hand Painted Wine Glass

Tibbetts Point Lighthouse

These hand painted wine glasses are a great gift for nautical and wine lovers.  They give a little bit of the history of the lighthouse and depict the lighthouse in a beautiful river scene.  

Sunken Rock Lighthouse Hand Painted Wine Glass

Sunken Rock Lighthouse

Each wine glass appears as though there is a message written inside the glass.  There is no actual paint inside the glass.  I write the words in reverse in a method I call "reverse painting". 

Sister Island Lighthouse Hand Painted Wine Glass

Sister Island Lighthouse

To shop this collection you can browse the website by clicking on any of the lighthouse photos, or if you would like to see them in person and avoid shipping, you can take a trip and visit the wonderfully friendly folks at Captain Spicers in Clayton New York.  Click here for directions!

Rock Island Lighthouse hand painted wine glass

Rock Island Lighthouse

Your family and friends will love this lighthouse collection!  Start your collection today or get one as a gift for a friend :-)

Ogdensburg Lighthouse Hand Painted Wine Glass

Ogdensburg Lighthouse

Hand Painted Lighthouse Wine Glasses are a unique gift for wine lovers and lovers of the St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Islands.  Order your Hand Painted Lighthouse Wine Glass collection! 

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